One A Day Traffic Challenge [OADTC]

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Receive a daily Free Traffic Source in your email by joining our ‘One A Day Traffic Challenge’ mailing list. You will be included in our next Prize Draw to win a FREE AdPack and will also receive a valuable Free PeopleCoin.

In order to benefit from this free service you will need to signup for the mailing list by adding your name and email in the subscription form to your right and click ‘Accept Challenge’. Everyday you will receive an email [TS in subject line] giving the location of a blog post where you can find the days challenge.

Our ‘One A Day Traffic Challenge’ comes with a host of other benefits, which you can find out about if you continue reading this page, including fantastic loyalty bonuses for staying on this list.

Loyalty Bonus

Instant Bonus – Free PeopleCoin. Free Prize Draw Entry. Free Income Generating System – Usually a VIP+ Subscriber only benefit, this system can earn you $1000’s per month, using just free sites and it’s your free just for signing up. You can achieve success with this system just by doing the same tasks daily, again and again, without referrals or cash. It includes a portfolio of websites, so you spread the risk around. Your profits will thank you and mentally you will feel more relaxed knowing that everyday brings you closer to the time and financial freedom you would like.

Daily Traffic Bonus – Every day you are a subscriber you will receive details of a new free traffic source. If you are not already a member, you should signup using the rotator link provided. This link contains the affiliate URL’s of other subscribers. Just send your affiliate URL, even if you didn’t need to join from this link, using the instructions included on the Traffic Source page, to be added to this rotator and receive Another FREE Prize Draw Entry.

Day 2 Bonus – In the top position of the right hand sidebar is a rotator link to Adfeedz where you can add your referral link with no strings attached. Using the free tools provided by Adfeedz you can build a sales funnel promoting anything you wish. As well as providing another way you can earn free money without referrals or cash, you can use this site to directly contact any referrals you signup. Full details of how I do this are also provided.

Day 4 Bonus – Your WorldProfit Link added to the banner rotator on this page even if you are already a member, regardless of your OADTC Status!

Day 8 Bonus – Unlimited banner impressions on the page that every subscriber must see when they login. Although subject to a minor condition, there is still no cost to you.

Day 16 Bonus – Unlimited displays of ClickBank proucts with your URL embedded on the second page that every subscriber must see when they login. Although subject to a minor condition, there is still no cost to you.

Why Focus On Traffic?

You can have the best value offer in the world, but if nobody sees it then, you might as well not have bothered in the first place. Generally speaking, you will find successful online marketers tend to go all in, getting as many visitors as quickly as possible to whatever they are promoting.

This group usually represents no more than one to two percent of those trying to earn a living from the internet. From the time they first learn about the business, they are ALL IN and often have the money to pay for traffic.

This group treat their business as a business and not as a hobby and expect to receive a worthwhile return for their effort. They know this takes TIME to accomplish and don’t expect things to happen overnight.

Although, they are recruiting and retailing new people every day, they can still build their business with or without help from other people, because of the traffic they send!

They may have a job or career, but they still manage to work their home business as well!

Unfortunately, the majority do not have the money to spend on paid traffic and drive masses of visitors to an online offer. The only way to get the number of visitors required is to recruit the help of others. Many of the free traffic sources suggested give you the opportunity to recruit others and receive extra visitors to your online offer based on the number of visitors that these referrals generate for their own online offer. Because of this the following additional free benefit has been added for subscribers.

Free Auto-build Downline

The ‘One A Day Challenge’, as well as providing you with a daily routine which allows you to be CONSISTENT, it allows you to do SOMETHING to grow your business every single day, even if you personally can not. Starting and stopping is the kiss of death in any business. Just being on this list can potentially generate the visitors you need to make the success you desire a reality, almost on auto-pilot for free!

As you already know, each day subscribers receive details of a traffic generating source. What you don’t know is that when you click the join link you are taken to a randomly selected signup page belonging to an existing ‘One A Day Challenge’ subscriber.

If you are not already a member of this traffic source you are encouraged to join. Spend at least 30 minutes on this site, preferably even longer, doing whatever it takes to get visitors to where you want them.

Once completed you should notify us of your affiliate URL. If you are already a member, you should still spend at least 30 minutes on the site before notifying us of your existing URL. Either way, as soon as time permits your URL will be added to the relevant rotator that powers the randomly chosen signup page for that particular traffic source, so that your traffic businesses can receive free referrals.

Once these networks start building, you will be able to compress your success time-frame by allowing you to go ALL IN and send visitors to your online offer almost immediately.

You can do more in 100+-days than most people do in their career. You 10x your activity and create rapid growth, excitement and momentum in your business. The fastest way to double or triple your commission check is to double or triple your efforts.

You won’t be able to maintain a breakneck pace forever, but if you do it right, this will PROPEL your business to big things. Once you are receiving regular sales commission, you can revert to slower and steadier pace, but you do still need to be Consistent.

Every time you take a day off, you go three steps back. Create a work schedule you can follow and NEVER miss a day. Being persistent and consistent is the key to success in any industry!

FREE Prize Draw

The AdPacks that are given away in our FREE Prize Draw are 100% funded by a percentage of the net profits generated from our Featured Opportunity. You will receive a FREE entry to the next Prize Draw everytime you send us a Traffic Source affiliate URL to add to the relevant global rotator. The Featured Opportunity – Secure Future International (SFI) is what started ThePeople quest to provide guaranteed benefits to everyone involved.

I wanted to raise funds so I could buy a hotel in a Tourist area, so that I could register it as a Localvantia outlet. The original idea was to be able to spread the idea of earning Rewardicals across the UK when people visited on holiday

I quickly found out that nobody wanted to lend me the money. I tried both the traditional bank mortgage route and venture capital, but to no avail, so a different method of fundraising needed to be found. Now that Powerlines have been introduced anybody that joins us will benefit from Spill Under, provided they are willing to do what it takes to become a Team Leader.

Featured TeamBuild.

Prizes for each draw will always be one or more $4.00 AdPacks.

AdPacks Starting From Just $4.00!!

As well as the Business Opportunities and the sale of physical products that we randomly display in the sidebar, a major income source for us comes from upgrades at the numerous TRAFFIC GENERATION websites that we promote. You can share in the net income from all of these income sources if you wish by purchasing our Advertising Packages and receive a return on your purchase. (See sidebar to buy an AdPack or go HERE for more details.)

A big benefit of the randomly selected Business Opportunities offered is that VIP members can, should they wish to take advantage, benefit from these promotions as they funnel referrals into Proven & Profitable Programs at no extra charge! It does not even matter if you are already a member of any of these opportunities, as provided you are a VIP or VIP+ subscriber to the Traffic Challenge, as we will promote your existing link!

A full list of these opportunities can be found HERE.

Affiliate Program

During our One A Day Challenge signup procedure you will be asked to fill in a no obligation affiliate form. You must do this in order to gain access and to receive affiliate commisions. Affiliate commissions are paid as WebChain coins. The amount of WebChain Coins you receive is calculated at the time of transfer based on the exchange rate shown HERE. Click the image below for an easy to understand example.
We will also accept WebChain Coin for any service that we offer based on this amount, but you will need to make a request to pay, which you can do using the contact form at the bottom of the right hand sidebar, as the merchant service that we use does not support WebChain Coins. You will need a MintMe account in order to send/receive WebChain Coins.

Affiliate Commission

Affiliates earn from the the sale of AdPacks, Upgrades or Limited Offer Advertising. The commission amount depends on affiliate status.

Affiliates earn 10%,

VIP Affiliates earn 20% and

VIP+ Affiliates earn 25%.

AdPack Commissions are shown in the sidebar depending on purchase price.

It costs nothing to be an Affiliate.

A VIP upgrade costs $5/month and qualifies buyers to receive a $4.00 AdPack with associated benefits. As an introducer you would receive a credit of $0.50, $1.00 or $1.25 depending on affiliate status. All affiliate commissions and CashBack requests are paid in WebChain Coin (Soon to be renamed MintMe)

A VIP+ Affiliate Membership costs $60 a year, comes with a host of extra benefits including two $10 AdPacks.

Instant Rewards

Each of our AdPacks come with a number of Instant Rewards which can be utilised in a number of different ways depending on the choice of the recipient. They can be used immediately on our reward site to buy downloads or redeemed for CashBack at the current rate. They can be held and exchanged for CashBack when this rate is higher (Upto $1.00 each is possible.) They can also be used to CrowdFund other member businesses in return for legally structured equity. (Coming Soon.)

Because of the multiple ways Instant Rewards can be used does mean that we have to hold cash in order to cover our outstanding exposure. Due to the almost daily warnings regarding the possible devaluation of most worldwide Fiat currencies, including the US dollar, it makes sense to hedge this surplus just in case this does happen. Trading Fiat Currencies is one of the biggest markets in the world, with an average trading volume of $4.5 trillion dollars per day. (Forex) It is even bigger than the stock market. However, given these warnings we personally think that holding any Fiat Currency is potentially dangerous. All markets, as with goods and services, work on the principle of supply and demand, but what happens when all markets have a surplus, which could happen in the event of these forecasts happening? The answer is that their value falls against other currencies, which are also falling and a surplus results.

Historically, when this happens, much of this Fiat Currency has been used to buy precious metal such as gold or silver, as this has always moved in the opposite direction to Fiat Currency. Unfortunately precious metals are not a ‘productive asset’ and have primarily been used as an insurance in times of crisis. Even so, the price of gold, for example, over the past 20 years has still beaten the stock market and top investment managers such as Warren Buffett.

Both silver and gold share similar characteristics as excellent inflation hedges and stores of value. In order to hedge our Instant Reward cash reserve, we intend to hold 50% in physical Silver Bullion coins, our preferred coin being the 1oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. Granted a face value of 5 Canadian dollars, the Silver Maple Leaf has status as legal tender and is almost instantly redeemable for Fiat Currency should the need arise. It has also a market value that depends on the spot price of silver which exceeds the nominal face value. The Silver Maple Leaf has a weight of 1 troy ounce (31.10 grammes). The 99.99% silver content makes the coin among the finest official bullion coins worldwide.

We intend to counter its unproductive asset status by buying and selling Canadian Maples for Crypto Coins to our subscribers for $35. Each Purchase will include a $6 AdPack with associated benefits. Because of the small profit margin available on each of these sales, affiliates will receive commission from the included AdPack according to their status, plus an additional fixed amount of $1.00

In keeping with our other Coin enterprises, 80% of the net profit from this buying/selling activity will be added directly to the buying power of the PeopleCoin purchases. This ensures that the longevity of the Instant Reward structure is maintained as 50% of the net profit, as and when it is available, from these corporate enterprises is treated as just another income source and distributed accordingly.

Buy Now With Crypto!

CryptoCoin Mining

We use the mining script throughout this blog. Basically we make use of your spare CPU power whilst you are on this site. This is completely safe as it is only done within your browser and nothing is ever downloaded to your computer. 50% of the proceeds of this activity is manually transferred to PeopleCoin holders who are following the one a day challenge. The remaining 50% is used to incease the buying power of ThePeople Coin. Logout and close your browser to stop.

When you commit to the one a day challenge you will also receive full details of the integrated CryptoCoin system that we use on a daily basis to generate CryptoCoins at no cost and without any referrals. (Although we may help you with this as well!)


We already have various PeopleCoin Income Streams online, which may or may not be of interest to people that you introduce who subscribe to the ‘One A Day Traffic Challenge’. Before explaining how this Extra Income could work for you I need to give a quick recap into how all of our incomes sources are determined, especially concerning these EXTRA Income sites. To start with you need to know the difference between our net income which is sum used to determine the amount available for distribution and our gross income. Basically, the net income is after any costs associated with any 3rd party income opportunity that pays us a commission have been deducted. The only exception to this rule is from the sale of AdPacks and the sale of Limited Offer Traffic (below) where commissions are paid directly on the sale price and 25% of the income received is always paid out, regardless of subscriber status as the differences allows the creation of potentially unlimited Powerlines to infinity. Every Extra Helps sites follow a similar procedure in as much as deductions before distributions (net income) are calculated with subscriber commissions (Always 25% of profits) deemed to be associated costs.

EEH1 – Limited Offer Traffic

Because of the numerous sites we recommend to our list subscribers and the fact that we use them ourselves we have added huge numbers of referrals to our own networks that earn hits. On some of these we often stockpile hits that just cannot be used up by ourselves personally, so when this happens we offer them to our subscribers on a first come, first served basis at prices below those you would pay if you purchased from the site directly. These sales all offer affiliate commissions inline with status and will be based on 100% of sales price as there are no costs involved.

EEH2 – Health


EEH3 – Travel Bookings


Site Of The Day

To see a random site belonging to a VIP+ subscriber go HERE. This rotator link is exclusive to VIP+ subscribers and can be used to advertise any legal opportunity. It is also shown on every Traffic Source Page.