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Featured Opportunity – SFI PowerLine

Hi, my name is Phill Rendall and I’m a Team Leader with SFI, one of the internet’s most successful affiliate programs.

As an internet marketer, I am referring new affiliates regularly. And because I believe that my success is directly tied to helping others become successful, I offer New Referrals the opportunity to take positions in the “Powerline” I am building.

What’s a Powerline? In short, a Powerline is a type of sales network where members are placed one after another in a straight line for maximum synergy. Once you register, I will be placing every affiliate I refer to this Powerline under YOU!

What’s in it for you?
1. I will literally be helping you build a sales team, on which you can earn ongoing, monthly commissions!

2. SFI adds to the fun by awarding you Rewardical tokens that you can redeem for all kinds of goodies (up to 100 Rewardicals for every affiliate I place under you for the next 60 days)! Learn more about Rewardicals HERE.

Why you should say yes to my invitation ASAP
1. There’s no obligation
You can start free and there are never any purchase requirements. You may choose to buy something, but it’s never required; it’s totally up to you.

2. Now in its 21st year, SFI has an unmatched track record.
Their parent company, Carson Services, Inc., is in its 35th year. They’ve been serving entrepreneurs for over three decades! No company lasts that long that isn’t doing right by its customers and associates. SFI is also a highly-rated 19-year Member of the Better Business Bureau. Some of the biggest and best companies in the world can’t claim this prestigious accolade, but SFI can! You can verify it right HERE.

3. Each day you wait is potentially money lost.
Remember, every new person I refer for this Powerline could be placed under YOU.


You should still join the ‘One A Day Traffic Challenge’ even if you are already an SFI member as you can use the traffic sources to advertise any business including SFI and receive random visits to your signup URL for any of the traffic sources you intend to use. As a subscriber you will also receive a valuable PeopleCoin and you can still benefit from my existing SFI Team and all of my PowerLines by winning or buying an AdPack!