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* The banners above are just two of the services that SFI affiliates can sell. The net revenue generated is used to fund Free Prize Draws and to help with funding AdPacks and PeopleCoins.
** You may be asked to view advertising when you visit this site. 80% of the revenue generated is used to help with funding AdPacks and PeopleCoins.

How The Free Prize Draw Works.

When you subscribe to our ‘One A Day’ list you automatically receive an entry in the next Prize Draw to receive a free $4 AdPack, provided you notify us of your SFI ID. You can use any existing SFI ID you may have, even if you are already a member, as we only use these for tracking your free Prize Draw Entries

Everytime you notify us of one of your traffic source URL’s you receive another entry.

At the end of each month 25% of the net income received from our Featured Opportunity is used to determine if there will be a prize draw and how many prizes will be available.

All vaild prize draw entries are entered into a single Prize Draw when activated. Winners will be notified by email. If you receive a notification you will need to make a claim and include the advertising information required.

As the free prize draw entries are totally dependent on incomes from 3rd party providers and there is no guarantee as to when this will be received, your accumulated Prize Draw Entries are compounded daily. When a prize draw is available, only complete prize draw entries will be used. Prize Draw Entries have a one-time use only, but any remaining bits of entries, will continue to be compounded.


Net Income received from DogeCoin Mining is divided as follows 20% admin, 25% Free Runner Up Prizes and 55% is added to the CashBack Pool.

For every 200 DogeCoins Mined, 50 DogeCoins will be used to purchase a Share It Forward entry in the Doge 2 Dollars 3 * 5 matrix. Although not as good as a free $4 AdPack it does provide a path that winners can follow in order to buy their own. Because of the payout structure of Share It Forward entries, they generate masses of DogeCoin, which are used to create more Runner Up Prize entries continuously. Runner Up Prize entries are held until a Free $4 AdPack Prize Draw is activated.