The banner above is just one way you can earn with "One A Day Traffic Challenge" AdPacks even if you are already a Secure Future International (SFI) Member.

Earn $10 - $100 A Day With This Plan!

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You can earn daily at LeadsLeap for free, just by following the steps below! In fact building unlimited income is actually quite easy when you know how to do it.

You can build yourself a website like this one and create a truly unlimited income opportunity for yourself! Alternatively, if you are a VIP or VIP+ 'One A Day Traffic Challenge' (Details below) subscriber, you can get a page like this one built and hosted for you containing only your affiliate links at no additional cost.

Register on Leadsleap by Clicking Here.

You can advertise up to 20 different opportunities on Leadsleap. Here are some example ads from the site (you can click through to see the full ad listing): LeadsLeap has multiple ways you can earn with its platform, but most people don’t fully utilize them....

1. Become An Active Member

You can be an active member with just 10 ad clicks a day. It can be your personal click or third-party clicks via your ad widgets.

As an active member for the day, ALL your credits earned during that day will be used to calculate your 'Daily Active Bonus', which is derived from 5-10% of LeadsLeaps daily advertising income.

No, you don't have to pay a cent to participate in this program. Every member is eligible.

It is their way to say 'Thank you!' for being an active member.

You may ask, 'How do I earn credits?'

There are many ways to earn credits.

Actively, you can view ads, rate ads or report problem ads.

Passively, you earn credits when people view ads via your ad widget and earn overriding credits from your 10-levels of followers.

2. Convert Your Credits Into Cash

So you know that you can earn credits, actively and/or passively.

If you are an advertiser, you can use these credits to advertise for free and get targeted traffic to your sites.

If you have nothing to advertise, you can convert your credits into cash.

Why do LeadsLeap allow members to encash their credits?

The reason is simple.

They are serious about the quality of the ads posted in the network.

If they didn't allow members to encash their credits, they may simply advertise anything just to get rid of their credits. This will degrade the ad quality in the system.

3. Participate In PPC Program

You are probably already familiar with PPC programs.

Many advertising platforms pay you to send traffic to their advertisers' links.

LeadsLeap does this too, except you can do it with or without your own website!

If you have a website, you can add an ad widget to it. When people view the ads, you make money.

Don't have a website? No problem.

You can use our link tracker to track your traffic elsewhere and enable the 'Monetize' option.

When people visit the ads, you also make money.

4. Earn Recurring Affiliate Commissions

While most services are free, some advanced features are only available to LeadsLeap Pro Members. These features will help you to get more traffic and leads.

To receive the maximum benefit from LeadsLeap you will need to advertise for Referals. When referrals upgrade, you make 25-50% commissions.

These are recurring commissions, i.e. you get paid every month as long as they stay as a Pro Member.

Your referrals may downgrade sometimes and upgrade again. It's normal. But whenever they upgrade, you will earn a commission. Their upgrade commissions will go to you for life.

Every effort you put into LeadsLeap will only multiply in the future and reap you more leads and profits automatically.

You should upgrade at Leadsleap as soon as you can afford to do so as well – with a Leadsleap upgraded account you will earn 50% commission instead of 25%.

To build an unlimited income all you need is advertise LeadsLeap every where you can. You can access 100+ Traffic sites complete with a plan of action you can use to advertise and to get your downlines built for you free of charge with 'The One A Day Taffic Challenge' (Details below). (Just follow some simple instructions.)

There are all sorts advertising sites available, several of which pay free members commissions, should you get any referrals to these.

They often pay more if you personally upgrade, my own favourite being

which OFFERS RESIDUAL COMMISSIONS (2 TIERS) AND UP TO $70 PER SALE YOU REFER IF YOU UPGRADE!! Given that there is no point advertising LeadsLeap to LeadsLeap members I advertise this one on LeadsLeap


The Dynamic Duo
A Synergy Secret!

If you upgrade at LeadsLeap and advertise ProfitsLion and upgrade at ProfitsLion and advertise LeadsLeap your advertising will be fully automatic. You will be promoting two of the best Traffic Generating subscription sites to an audience that needs visitors whilst earning a potentially unlimited income on auto-pilot!

You can do this AFTER you have earned sufficient commissions if you want to use this system for free initially, or, if you have sufficient funds to enable you to do this, you should do it before you start advertising and DOUBLE your income with the same amount of referrals!

If you want to automate your promotions then you can often do that, as some offer automated advertising packages.

"One A Day Traffic Challenge"

The One A Day Traffic Challenge is the global entry point, used to distribute income received from what is probably the largest and most diverse online/offline Income Stream Collective every conceived.

Open to everbody, we believe this can be achieved by the issue of a single People Coin, which is yours for free, provided you join the Traffic Challenge and you are a member of the featured opportunity. (Existing members welcome.)

Click Here to sign up and, once you have confirmed your email address, you will be asked to submit your featured opportunity ID in order to receive your first PeopleCoin absolutely free of charge. To benefit from ThePeople Coin an annual fee of $7 is required, but you do not need to pay this, unless you wish to do so, as it will deducted from any income due to you before payment is made. If you do pay it now then you will receive additional benefits.

You can earn upto 1000 email credits per day just from adding the above webring to your page.

If you are a VIP or a VIP+ Subscriber to the "One A Day Traffic Challenge" list, your Profit Ring username will be added here when you request a 'done for you page'.