Executive Affiliate (EA) Assistance

“If you want to build a real business online, then

Secure Future International (SFI)

is the BUSINESS for You…”

Just join for free and it will instantly be YOUR business! SFI provides you with all the tools you need to succeed.

Although you can join and remain a free member, you can expediate your progress by spending some money each month.

The best value for money investment you can make is by setting up a 125 TCredit auto delivery for $36.25 every month. As well as allowing you to buy items from our Marketplace, play online games or participate in multiple auctions, this purchase also guarantees you achieve the first position on the SFI ladder of success as an Executive Affiliate (EA).

Unfortunately, even this small sum is beyond the means of many, especially every month. To offset or even completely remove this cost we have devised two complementary 3 X 3 forced matrix programs.

If you want to do this you need to ‘earn’ Purchase Points from us. You cannot buy them with a direct purchase. Purchase Points and associated benefits are funded by us. Generally speaking, we redistribute our commissions earned by us when you purchase products or services through affiliate links or when you join 3rd party networks from whom we receive a financial reward.

You can join the first of these Matrix programs (#1) when you have collected just 3 Purchase Points, which will be automatically locked within your account. For every 3 Locked Purchase Points you will retain all of the free Purchase Point benefits, the exceptions being that you can never cash them in or move them.

Although there are various ways to ‘earn’ Purchase Points the quickest way would be to buy a Keep It Simple Simon (KISS) membership for a one time, $10 fee as we are giving away 468 Unpenthexium Units (Uunits’s) with every purchase through our links. (468 Uunits can be exchanged for the 3 Purchase Points you need to ‘buy’ your way in to Matrix #1 (See what this means to you below.)

As an additional bonus you will also be credited with $0.25 towards entry into the Project Fund Escalator for every person that joins under every position you ever own in Matrix #1, including the free re-entries! The Project Fund Esculator is a very simple step by step system that requires $3.00 to enter onto the first step. When just two people follow you you will receive 1 free Project Fund Share (PFS) plus a free entry to step 2. When two people follow you onto Step 2 you are given a further two free Project Fund Shares plus entry to step 3. When two people follow you onto Step 3 you are given three free Project Fund Shares plus entry to step 4. Can you see a pattern yet? Mathematically there is no end to this sequencing and I’m pretty sure there are probably enough buildings in the world to keep us going until the end of time, so what are you waiting for? Get those first 3 Purchase Points and make it happen!

KISS is a very worthwhile opportunity IMHO as it allows you to earn unlimited $7 payments, build downlines in 10 opportunities of your choice and allows you to build your own mailing list of paying customers all from the promotion of a single link.

If you can’t afford the KISS setup cost, I’ve added 3 guaranteed ways that you can make the necessary $10 below, provided you follow the instructions.

Free Crypto Faucet Page
(This free page setup opportunity belongs to us and we know this one works as stated as we use it everyday!)
SuperPay Me
(Free to join Survey Site with a very low payout requirement.)
Viral TE Co-op
(Add the viraltecoop link to an approved traffic exchange
and earn cash & credits everytime you browse a members solo ad.)

A better value way to ‘jump start’ your free Matrix entry is to buy a $20.00 Sponsored Advertising Package as you receive 936 Unpenthexium Units (Uunits’s) which you can exchange for 6 Purchase Points. Unlike any other bonus offer within our Network the associated Project Fund Shares that come with these Purchase Points also receive payouts from the Project Fund Accelerator totalling upto $25.00 generated from our day to day operations independently from any future Project Profits.


It will ‘cost’ you the 3 Locked Purchase Points to be entered into the first Matrix as mentioned above. This is a one time payment per ‘purchased’ position and everybody joins even if they do not intend to build their own SFI business. This matrix has an auto renewal strategy built in, so everybody should join SFI if they are not already a member.

Even if you join, but don’t actually do anything with SFI, we’ve still got you covered as you will also receive 1 share in our Project Fund Accelerator thats pays out upto $5.00

There is no limit to the number of Matrix #1 entries you can be allocated via re-entries or you can ‘buy’ by locking more purchase points.

Any surplus of over 12 Months of accumulated funds registered to Matrix #1 can be exchanged for Project Fund Shares ($1 = 1PFS) or can be used to start building a further position in Matrix #2.

Level 11 x 3 x $1 = $31 month subsciption into Matrix #2 ($3)
Level 23 x 3 x $1 = $92 more months of subsciption payments for Matrix #2 (2 x $3) + 1 Re-entry in Matrix #1 ($3)
Level 39 x 3 x $1 = $27A further 9 months subscriptions into Matrix #2 (9 x $3)
Total$3 + $9 + $27 = $39


Level 11 x 3 x $1 = $3
Level 23 x 3 x $1 = $9
Level 39 x 3 x $1 = $27
Total$3 + $9 + $27 = $39You will be sent any accumulated funds available from Matrix #2 during a month on proof of a 125 TCredit auto-delivery purchase from SFI

You cannot increase the number of positions you have in Matrix #2 until you have have at least 12 months worth of funds accumulated in Matrix #1.

Basically Matrix #1 feeds a monthly position in Matrix #2 and can do so for a full 12 months. Your first full Matrix #2 can payout out upto $39 per month against proof of a 125TCredit Auto Delivery from SFI.

Any qualified payout from Matrix #2 is paid as Purchase points which you can do what you want with i.e. Convert to DogeCoin so you can get cash, hold to see if you can win some more, lock them in multiples of 3 so you can get more entries in Matrix #1 or even send them to another member.

If you have increased your position in Matrix #2 to two, as per the terms in Matrix #1, you can use income from this position against proof of any purchase from either SFI or from either or both of the opportunities listed below.

1)FutureNet, a social platform that works similarly to other social media. It is transparent and easy to use. What distinguishes it from others is the fact that users receive a part of the profits from advertising on the platform, in exchange for activity. Registration in FutureNet is and always will be completely free and connects people engaged in multi-level marketing. FutureNet tools and products offer people globally the possibility to use their online potential optimally.

2)Changing The Future Outcome (CTFO), which we believe will be an amazing business to be involved in the future as more and more medicinal uses are discovered and laws are relaxed throughout the world to accomodate this.

Any income generated from any subsequent positions that you receive in Matrix #2 can be used to pay out against proof of any purchases from ebay or Amazon.

Intially both of these Matrixs will be built by hand but 2% of funds from our Cash Capture System will be set aside to pay for custom software and upgrades.

Any SFI member can enter, even if they are not part of our team, provided they notify us of their SFI ID via Support in order to be allocated an account.

Like it or not, there is no way on this planet that you will be paid anything, unless there is money coming into our Cash Capture System. This is achieved by making sales!! We can only make sales if we have traffic. You can help with this. All our net income is funnelled into our Cash Capture System (CSS) and re-distributed to those that support us.

An example of our efforts to generate sales are our ClickBank websites. If you are thinking of buying any Clickbank product please consider buying through us.

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