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Perhaps you were not aware that it is possible for you to get your own free Crypto Coins. Well, not only is it possible, it is surprisingly easy to build your own portfolio of Crypto Coins with no up-front investment at all.

Although accumulating free Crypto can be worth doing by any individual who has the time to collect them, this page is listed here because, according to the main SFI Forum, many people are struggling to make even a minimal investment towards building their business at SFI and this could be the answer they are looking for.

There are numerous places that state that they give away free Crypto Coins, however some are better than others and some are outright scams! We have tried to list the best sites below. You can 100% definately get DogeCoins for free at our sister site at RotateLinks Pro provided you meet the terms and conditions.

Before you start on your Crypto financing journey you need to know that it takes discipline and persistence before you can ever see any real success in any endevour, especially since many seem to expect everything immediately if not sooner in todays world.


So if you think you are ready to commit, start stacking Crypto now…


Claim Now – Moon Bitcoin (BTC)




Claim Now – Moon Dogecoin(DOGE)




Claim Now – Moon Litecoin (LTC)




Claim Now – Moon Dash (DASH)




Claim Now – Moon Cash (BCH)




Claim Now – Bit Fun (BTC)




Claim Now – Bonus Bitcoin (BTC)


After you have joined the above you can claim every 5 minutes once you have linked them to a CoinPot account. Coinpot is a cryptocurrency microwallet that automaticaly updates payments from all of the faucets listed above.

An added advantage is that you can interchange the coins depending on your preference. Claiming as often as you can each day will net you a decent amount of bonus crypto. We tend to interchange everything to DOGE Coin$ as they have the smallest transferable amounts required and the lowest fees, but you can change to BitCoin, BitCash, LiteCoin, or DashCoins as well if you want.

Once a transferable amount has built up CoinPot, we are currently transferring it to Cryptonator which allows us to exchange for a wider variety of leading CryptoCoins or cash via a Payoneer Account.

For the next group of Crypto Faucets you may need to open a Faucet Hub microwallet account to receive earnings. These are other Faucets that have paid us. Claim times vary from minutes to hours. Once a transferable amount has been claimed and received by Faucet Hub, we transfer to Cryptonator.

Get Your Own Free Crypto Earning Website



Claim Now – DOGE Faucet (DOGE)



Claim Now – BlackCoin Faucet (BLK)



Claim Now – DASH Faucet (DASH)



Claim Now – Ethereum Faucet (ETH)



Claim Now – Litecoin Faucet (LTC)



Claim Now – Peercoin Faucet (PPC)



Claim Now – All Coins



Fautsy – Claim Satoshi Every 5 Minutes

GoBits – Claim Satoshi Every 5 Minutes

ClaimBits -Claim Satoshi Every 5 Minutes

StarBits -Claim Satoshi Every 5 Minutes Banner




The remainder of this page is devoted to Faucets/Websites that may be potentially useful. They all credit their own internal accounts with what they say they pay you, but have high minimum transfer limits, which we have yet to achieve.



100% of all the net income that this site receives is divided up as stated at Cash Capture Funnel System.

We are constantly looking for free ways to generate free CryptoCoin$ and are definately not adverse to acquiring Crypto from any free source.

The beauty of free Crypto is that you never have to worry about the currency exchange rate, as if you get them for free, any Crypto Coins are better than none. You simply need to find the sites that you prefer and then visit as often as you can in order to claim.

You can do Offers to earn Activity Points, which in turn can be exchanged for DogeCoin. You do not have to be a member of Rotatelinks Pro (RLP) to earn DogeCoins from our offer website, but there are additional benefits available if you are.

We are currently trialing a new Token Sale site offering free Swift Coins just for logging in regularly. Unlike others they already have a marketplace where you can spend them. Don’t know if they will go the distance, but as it costs nothing to find out, it’s worth the minute a day that it takes to login in and claim.

FamilyBTC has an affiliate program wherein you can earn money by referring others to use FamilyBTC. This is the only way to make any worthwhile money with FamilyBTC.

Other faucets we visit regularly currently include

LiteCoin Miner

Bitcoin Cloud Miner

Time For Bitcoin

Eobot Faucet – Supports multiple coins.

Free Bitcoin

Auto Doge Faucet

Free DogeCoin

Doge Faucet (Claim Every 3 Hours)

Win Doge Faucet

Free Ethereum

Free Mining Site

Free Monero – This is definately my fav alt-coin and is more akin to cash than anything else, but as you can see from the above I am happy to accept FREE coins from anywhere. 🙂

Read more about MONTERO.



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