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You sell a £25.00 Traffic Subscription – You earn £5.00

You purchase a £25.00 Traffic Subscription – Your introducer gets £5.00 – You get traffic and an allocated position in a 5 x 2 level Matrix (Only 30 Positions fills matrix)

When positions 1 – 5 are filled you will have received your £25 + 5 Free Project Points

When positions 6 – 30 are filled you will have received a further £25 + another 25 Free Project Points

You get a free re-entry every time positions 1 – 30 are filled under any position you are personally allocated. (no limit) provided you have active subscription, Your introducer gets another £5

You will be given an orphaned member (GiF = Give it Forward) everytime you receive a free-entry with you listed as the introducer. – You get £5 plus everytime they get a free re-entry you receive another £5.00!!

Every position you are allocated will remain in the matrix until filled, even if you cancel your subscription. If you do decide to cancel your subscription, the free re-entry facility will be disabled.

Free Bonuses: FutureNet Traffic, InfinityTrafficBoost + Potential Top Seller Affiliate Commissions. Your first subscription in any year also entitles you to receive a complentary PeopleCoin Instant Discount Membership which also includes your first PeopleCoin.

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The sooner you signup for this 3 month traffic offer the sooner you start reaping your rewards! Just £25 (about $35.00) secures your position – less than a £2 a week and it doesn’t matter who your sponsor is or how long you have been an SFI Member!


Because you get visitors to your Long Term Business Gateways AND maybe earn some nice extra cash in the short term whilst you do so!


COMPENSATION! Forced 5 wide 2 Tier Payout (5 x £5 & 25 x £1 = £25.) Unlimited re-entries when full provided you have at least one active subscription, Unlimited sales commission (£5 per purchase made by your introductions including their free re-entries), Possible Upline spillover and Downline building assistance, Gifted Project Points. (Potential profits from funded Localvantia Projects) Easy Automated affiliate commission. Earn Random Extra $5, $10, $20, $50+ just from buying a subscription.

Anybody who wants to build a business online needs to be able to sell something unique. SFI gives the individuals something that others do not – a multi-level marketing plan that leverages your own efforts from introducing others and the Astro Auctions where nobody loses.

Like all businesses however, online or off, without paying visitors they will not earn you any money. As a traffic reseller we can supply unlimited traffic to Secure Future International & FutureNet Gateways for £25 for 3 monthes and provide you with the potential to earn an additional income from other online sources plus potential profits from bricks and mortar businesses as well!!


Global retail stocks are suffering from the “Amazon effect”. Retail high streets are now a mere shadow of the high streets of 10 – 20 year ago when the giant retailers all but destroyed them with their super stores. Now it’s their turn to be wiped from the face of the earth and reduced to warehouse distribution.

When Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, sets his sights on a particular market sector in a Country the giant retailers are sleeping with one eye open. They know Jeff Bezos is coming for them. Can anyone stop Amazon from destroying what’s left of our high streets?

I believe that it is possible, but it is going to take internet money from around the world to do it and starts with you buying our traffic package. It is also going to need people who dream of owning their own businesses and directly providing for their families.

The internet coupled with new technologies has allowed Amazon to become the giant that it now is. Without the internet it would not have been possible as it has allowed Amazon to sell goods and services all over the world.

As a World Wide Community, as well as embracing online business, we need to maintain some form of balance or the ‘new way’ will remove the best of the ‘old ways’ in its relentless quest to be the biggest and best. We still need the people with dreams to operate their own offline businesses, but the cost of doing so are beyond the reach of many. Outside of the main operating costs of running any business (labour and utilities) the one cost that causes shops and businesses to shut is the cost of the building from where they trade. Given the running costs of online business is lower, it is this cost that cripples any fledging business by removing income and giving it to banks on demand, long before the business has a hope of becoming profitable.

What if instead of banks owning the building via a mortgage, the purchase cost of suitable buildings was met by the Project Fund it in return for a 50% share in the business profits instead of rent? In my perfect world this is exactly what would happen and with your help this world will become a reality.

Even if a business was given this window to give them a fighting chance of becoming profitable and still failed, the money wouldn’t be lost as it was always going to be secured against property, which has always gone up in value over time. Even if the property market crashes, as no money will be owed to anybody else, we can ride out the losses and go back to earning profits again when times are better.


When you give me £25.00, I will buy traffic at wholesale rates and send it to your SFI Gateway which completes the transaction. I am, however, willing to pay for this traffic intially from my own pocket and earn my profit and pay for additional traffic from the incentive plan. Effectively, this means I don’t need your £25.00, but what I do need is thousands of Project Points to be issued so the first bricks and mortar project in the UK under the Localvantia program from SFI can be funded.

It will be a condition of all Points funded projects that they are a member of the Localvantia program from the 20 year old online company Secure Future International (SFI), which I believe is a global phenomenon just waiting to happen! Mass adoption of Localvantia and the associated Rewardical loyalty program is a positive step in uniting commerce across the world and providing additional income for everyone regardless of race, religion, beliefs, gender, etc.

Suggested projects that include recognised franchises will be given priorty over those that do not include franchises. Our first project will hopefully include a FutureNet Cafe franchise from FutureNet.

To expedite the rollout of Project Point ownership I have devised a simple, forced 5 wide 2 Tier Compensation Plan. A forced compensation plan is the most simple plan in network marketing and hopefully, will be the key to explosive growth.

A Forced Compensation plan is limited by width. In this plan you can only have 5 people directly link to you. (Your first level.) Each of these pays you £5.00 for a total of £25.00, which pays you back your own purchase costs. These 5 people can only have 5 people directly connected to them as well, which becomes your second level consisting of a maximum of 25. Each of these pays you a further £1, giving you another £25 for a total return of £50, thereby doubling your intial purchase.

You will also receive a free re-entry everytime you have 30 people allocated on your first and second levels. Each one of these also entitles you to one Project Point.

Crypto Coins will shortly be issued on the WAVES Platform as The People Coin. Once this happens any accumulated Project Points that you have been given will be exchanged on a 1:1 ratio for The People Coin.

You can refer as many people as you want to and receive an introducer fee every time they enter as well as Ca$h when you have the first 5 positions allocated under any position you hold.

For every position you hold where your first and second level are filled, you will have received £50.

You will have also received a further £5 for every person you have introduced plus 30 Project Points which will be converted to ThePeopleCoin and will provide you additional income in the future.


In a nutshell TPCoins buys property and leases it to individuals rent free in return for a share in their business. Wherever possible enhancements that reduce the cost of doing business within these businesses will be made prior to leases being granted. (Solar power to reduce electricity costs for example.) As a TPCoin Holder you will receive a share in these profits.

Other major benefits of owning The People Coin or leasing a building for the purpose of operating the offline business of your dreams include

Increased Income

Increased Independance

Social Status


As an online business a percentage of any income earned from anywhere, regardless of its origin, is automatically added to the property purchase aspect of The People Coin. As numbers do count in any business venture online or off, some businesses will fail, some will do OK and some will do extremely well!

It follows then that the more properties that TPCoin owns the better the profit potential will be. To assist with this, ANY matrix income from the top positions and any amounts not paid out (breakage) will be added to TPCoin purchasing power without Project Points or TPCoins being issued.

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