Ultra Quiet Mini Home Vacuum Cleaner

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Mini, portable, and handheld, the Ultra Quiet Mini Home Rod Vacuum Cleaner is designed specifically to make cleaning faster and your life easier! Lightweight and powerful, the 2 in 1 Mini Home Rod Vacuum Cleaner features powerful suction and an efficient brush and push rod design effective on a variety of surfaces, including wood floors, ceramic tiles, and carpet and a handheld attachment for user-friendly, one-hand operation that lets you reach every corner easily. Available in blue or red.

NOTE! A 110V to 220V adapter may be needed to operate this vacuum outside the U.S. and Canada.


* HEPA filtration system that locks in small particles other vacuums miss, preventing the spread of allergies and bacteria

* 2 in 1 detachable design

* Cyclonic system for consistent suction power

* Easy to remove dust container

* Powerful agitating motor that loosens small and micro particles from everything from bedding to hard surfaces

* Strong vacuum to suck up dust mites, bacteria, germs and harmful loose allergen particles

* Ultra low noise operation

* Reusable micro filter

* Voltage: 110V

SPECIFICATIONS: * High power 600W
* Ultra quiet <65db * 5 meter length cord * Ultra fine air filter * Voltage (V):110V * Bagless * Battery Life:2 hours * Dust Storage Type:Dust Box/Dust Bucket * Model Number:S-XCQ1 * Product Size: 51*8*4 in / 130*20*10 cm


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