SFI Training Part 1 – Getting Started

NOTE: This training is about getting started with SFI and is provided free of charge. It may contain references to benefits that are provided to my personal downline only, such as the Crypto Funded Team Build. The basis of the information provided is, however, suitable for all SFI Affiliates including our recommendation to join SuperPay as an easy way to pay for any SFI auto-delivery.

SFI (Strong Future International) is a network marketing company founded by President and CEO Gery Carson.

Wherever possible SFI links are via our Team Build Co-op.

OVERVIEW: Earning enough VP a month to be deemed active is not difficult even if you have no money at the moment. Just login and turn the Daily Action Tabs green by following the instructions given on each page, excluding EZ and PB tabs as these will cost you money. Just from doing this you will gain 10VP a day plus earn two entries in the Daily Grand, a free prize draw where you could win even more.

Just so you have a better understanding of what SFI is all about visit Getting Started inside your SFI Member Area

DAILY TASKS: In order to do the minimum amount with SFI to be deemed active you will need to do the Daily Tasks. As this is the minimum effort required, unless you are very lucky, you will earn the minimum amount available, which is zero.

Although the above paragraph doesn’t sound very good, you still need to do this for the following reasons:

1) As you perform each of your daily tasks you are learning what to takes to make SFI work for you. You should also supplement this learning by doing the LaunchPad Lessons and the SFI Rules Of Success.

2) You receive two free entries to the DAILY GRAND, an exclusive daily drawing for SFI affiliates. Each day, 410 lucky affiliates win a share of 18,000 Rewardicals that can be exchanged for a variety of cool products and other irresistible goodies.

  • Earn one entry for producing at least 10 VP during the previous day
  • Earn one entry for reviewing alerts and posts on your homepage’s ALERTS tab

3) As long as you maintain the minimum VP requirement, you will retain any Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSA’s) that you have either introduced or have been reassigned to you by one or more of your upline. Any one of these could be worth money to you. In fact, if you get just 5 who purchase VP’s to reach Executive Affiliate (EA) status, you could use the commission you earn to enable you to reach EA by making your own purchase!

4) It shows any PSA within your group that you are doing something to try and make SFI work for you, which is much better than being seen doing nothing.

In the next training I’ll show you why you should actually be looking to do a lot more than the minimum and how the sooner you achieve and maintain EA (1500 VP’s) status EVERY month, the sooner SFI will actually help build part of your business for you.

SFI Training Part 2 >>>

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