SFI Training Part 3 – Bronze Team Leader

NOTE: This training is about getting started with SFI and is provided free of charge. It may contain references to benefits that are provided to my personal downline only, such as the Crypto Funded Team Build. The basis of the information provided is, however, suitable for all SFI Affiliates including our recommendation to join SuperPay as an easy way to pay for any SFI auto-delivery.

SFI (Strong Future International) is a network marketing company founded by President and CEO Gery Carson.

Wherever possible SFI links are via our Team Build Co-op.

OVERVIEW: The Bronze Team Leader (BTL) position is the first position on the SFI ladder of success that opens up the most lucrative override income stream available via Matching VersaPoints (VP’s) through 6 levels of your team.

The BTL requirements are this: 3000VP earned in the calendar month, of which, 1500VP must come from purchases you have made yourself, or from sales made to Personally Referred Members (PRM’s) of TripleClicks that have joined under you and have not joined SFI.

Secondly, you need 5 PSA’s on your team. They don’t have to be active, but you just have to have them signed up. I will have already reassigned these to you if you are part of my personel group, once I see you are following this training.

Third, you must have a 3 star sponsor rating from your PSA’s. If you don’t have at least 5 people rate you, then this requirement is not needed.

THE DETAILS: The purpose of this lesson is to tell you how, if you have been following parts 1 & 2, you can achieve BTL status with little or no extra cost. Provided you have followed my advice up until now and purchased the 125Tcredit package, you will only need another 1500VP to qualify.

Part 1 Training tells you how to get the basic minimum in free VP’s (approximately 300 a month), but there are several other ways as well:

VP can be earned when you make a sale to a Personally Referred Member. (PRM)

A PRM is a person you refer to TripleClicks who doesn’t join SFI. You earn direct commissions on what they purchased, and you earn VP on that sale as well.

If you scroll down your To Do list you will see that there are weekly and monthly tasks you can do to secure more free VP. You’ll earn 10VP’s per week for sending a support message to your team. You can also post a stream message to your team 3 times a week with a single VP rewarded each time you do so.

Setting goals, rating sponsors and visiting your TConnect page at TripleClicks is worth another 20 free VP’s a month.

In total this is an easy way of picking up an extra 372 VP each month for FREE by logging in every day and completing these tasks giving you a total of about 1872VP’s.

Since we need 3000VP to become a BTL, we now have to earn an extra 1128VP to get to BTL. Once you earned your BTL status you will earn an extra 100VP’s for everyone of your PSA’s who achieves Executive Affiliate (EA) status, but for the purpose of this explanation, we will assume that no one has actually done this.

So, you need to earn the required VP’s by your own efforts. You can use your 125Tcredits to do this. Keep enough TCredits back in order to be able to spend 2 everyday on a Zebra Game and a PriceBender Auction to earn another 2VP’s every day and 20 Rewardicals.

Spend the remainder on either more game playing or auction bids. Each one is worth 10 Rewardicals, which you can exchange for more VP.

10 Rewardicals can be redeemed for 3.3 VP’s

If you have been a regular participant in the various SFI/TripleClicks free prize draws that you can enter you may have won additional Tcredits and/or Rewardicals that you can use as well to gain VP’s.

If you haven’t earned or won sufficient Rewardicals to exchange for the VP’s you need you should look at buying Single Tcredits @ $1.99 that reward you with 102VP’s each, to make up any shortfall in the 3000VP’s required to achieve BTL status before the last day of any calendar month.

I have personally been with SFI for over a year and once I have the required 3000VP I found that I often had Tcredits left. To begin with I didn’t really know what to do with them and I just use to spend them on Games or Auctions, but now, instead of spending them, I collect them to use the following month.

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