SFI Training Part 3a – Bronze Team Leader Guaranteed!

NOTE: This training is about getting started with SFI and is provided free of charge. It may contain references to benefits that are provided to my personal downline only, such as the Crypto Funded Team Build. The basis of the information provided is, however, suitable for all SFI Affiliates including our recommendation to join SuperPay as an easy way to pay for any SFI auto-delivery.

SFI (Strong Future International) is a network marketing company founded by President and CEO Gery Carson.

Wherever possible SFI links are via our Team Build Co-op.

Would you like to be a Bronze Team Leader (BTL) all the time at zero cost to you?

If you do then you need to do the following.

Join SuperPay Me and earn a minimum of $2.00 a day from Surveys, Paid To Click Ads, Free Cash Contests and/or Completing Offers, etc.

Join Skrill and request a Mastercard.

Request your payment(s) from SuperPay to be sent to your Skrill account.

Use your Skrill Mastercard to buy 1 TCredit every single day from TripleClicks at a cost of $1.99 each.

Every time you purchase 1 TCredit you get 102VP and 10RT.

Do this for 30 days and you’11 collect 3060VP. As you have to login everyday to do this you might as well turn the red free-to-do tabs green as well to pick up another 300VP per month and a bonus Daily Grand entry as well.

Logging in everyday keeps your VP streak alive. It keeps your EA monthly badge going. It keeps your BCQ badge going. You never lose any CSA’s you have been given.

You can quickly see the latest news so you don’t miss any new developments.

Ideally, you need to introduce 5 PSA’s who are implementing this same strategy to earn the most out of this, but any 5 PSA’s will do to give you BTL status every month.

Use your TCredits on games or auctions as and when you want to collect Rewardicals (RT). Redeem your RT’s for PSA’s so you are always adding new affiliates to your business. Use Rewardical Auto Build at the bottom of your account page to set this up so it is done for you automatically.

Whilst you are on your account page, make sure you opt in to receive 2nd home CSA’s as well, as you are entitled to receive 1 share of these every month as a BTL.

By following this plan you will make money from the Executive Pool.

You will earn $0.50 per day from each person that you introduce to SuperPay Me that follows this plan.

You will earn $0.61 cents per day from each PSA that you introduce to SFI that follows this plan. Earn 1 RT for every 10RT your PSA’s earn everytime they purchase a single TCredit.

And for each PSA that follows you exactly, you will earn more VP for being their Team Leader.

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