SFI Training Part 4 – Silver Team Leader

NOTE: This training is about getting started with SFI and is provided free of charge. It may contain references to benefits that are provided to my personal downline only, such as the Crypto Funded Team Build. The basis of the information provided is, however, suitable for all SFI Affiliates including our recommendation to join SuperPay as an easy way to pay for any SFI auto-delivery.

SFI (Strong Future International) is a network marketing company founded by President and CEO Gery Carson.

Wherever possible SFI links are via our Team Build Co-op.

OVERVIEW: Although it is possible to make Silver Team Leader with SFI without spending any money, I don’t recommend it as, unless you are very, very lucky, it would take you years to do so. This training is about investing in your business in order to achieve this worthwhile goal a lot quicker.

The first question you need to ask yourself is do you want to be a Silver Team Leader with Secure Future International? There are some great benefits, including 8 levels of downline income, extra CSA’s, extra second home CSA’s and the all important, at least one, income generating Team Leader on your front line!

If the answer is yes then you will need to spend money and you will need to find other people to copy what you do! When you read the rest of this simple training you’ll wonder why everybody isn’t doing it!

On the money side of things this method is going to cost you $72.50 every month. You’ll need to set up an auto delivery order for 2 TCredit packs of 125 TCredits for the first day of every month. You will earn 3000VP for the purchase. And another 100VP for being Booster Club qualified.

As soon as you have 5 PSA’s who also want to be Silver Team Leaders using this method that have made their $72.50 purchase, earning them Bronze Team Leader status, you will receive 200VP’s for each of them (1000VP’s) as a reward for your Team Leadership and support.

With the 3100VP’s that you have already earned you will instantly be a Silver Team Leader!

Incidentally, each of your PSA’s who made the same purchase, will have earned you $15.90 each for a grand total of $79.50 in direct commissions, which is more than your original $72.50 spend.


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