Subscriber Overides

Is This The Ultimate Powerline/Taproot System?

Every subscriber that signs up due to your initial introductions becomes a PowerLine that could be working for you on unlimited levels when you become a VIP or VIP+ Subscriber!

If you are only interested in receiving a 10% commission on the sale of any of our products including AdPacks and Upgrades you will need to signup for our FREE One A Day Traffic Challenge as a subscriber.

If you want to receive an extra 10% commissions (20% total) you will need to be a VIP subscriber which costs $5.00 a month. VIP subscriber are given one $4.00 AdPack for every month their subscriptions remains in good standing.

if you want the Maximum Benefits available, you’ll need to pay an annual fee to become a VIP+ subscriber. VIP+ subscribers are given two $10.00 AdPacks and commissions are increased to a total of 25% on all our available products. You’ll also receive fourteen Pay It Forward PeopleCoins.

We actually payout the full 25% on all introducer commissions, any commissions not paid out due to a subscriber status travels upline until it finds a home. This means if you are a VIP or VIP+ subscriber you could technically earn overide commissions from an unlimited depth.

For example if you are a VIP+ subscriber and you introduce a VIP subscriber who sold a $4 AdPack to one of their introductions you would receive the 5% difference in commission. (A VIP subscriber would earn 20% commission on a $4 AdPack – $0.80 As a VIP+ subscriber you would normally earn $1.00 if it was your introduction, you would receive the difference, that is $0.20)

If a subscriber 10 levels below your VIP subscriber purchased a $4 AdPack and nobody in between made a purchase, his/her sponsor would earn 10% – $0.40, your VIP subscriber would also receive $0.40 as the difference between the amount already paid and his/her subscriber status and you would still earn $0.20

If you did not have a VIP subscriber between the AdPack sale and you. you would receive the full difference of 15% – $0.60

Obviously these amounts vary depending on the cost of any AdPacks purchased.