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* The banners above are just two of the services that SFI affiliates can sell. The net revenue generated is used to fund Free Prize Draws and to help with funding AdPacks and PeopleCoins.
** You may be asked to view advertising when you visit this site. 80% of the revenue generated is used to help with funding AdPacks and PeopleCoins.

ThePeople Coin

The One A Day Traffic Challenge is the global entry point, used to distribute income received from what is probably the largest and most diverse online/offline Income Stream Collective every conceived.

Open to everbody, we believe this can be achieved by the issue of a single People Coin, which is yours for free, provided you join the Traffic Challenge and you are a member of the Featured TeamBuild. (Existing members welcome. We can’t build your team, but your Affiliate ID for the sale of ADPacks will mirror your SFI ID.)

Just sign up and, once you have confirmed your email address, you will be asked to submit your Featured TeamBuild ID in order to receive your first PeopleCoin absolutely free of charge. (It doesn’t matter if you are already a member, send in your To benefit from ThePeople Coin an annual fee of $7 is required, but you do not need to pay this, unless you wish to do so, as it will deducted from any income due to you before payment is made. If you do pay it now then you will receive additional benefits.

if you want just want to be able to claim Local Discounts and receive any Distribution Benefits as and when they become available, associated with any PeopleCoins that you have been allocated you will need to be a PeopleCoin Member. This costs just $7 per year. If you are not a member when distributions are made then the first $7 of your eligible distribution is retained to cover this cost.

If you purchase the $7 PeopleCoin membership you’ll receive a $5 dollar AdPack which, amongst other benefits, comes with 2 PeopleCoins and 7 Instant Rewards. As a paid up PeopleCoin Member you’ll also receive two Pay It Forward PeopleCoins which you should give to people you know well. (Family or Friends)

If, however, you are waiting for your PeopleCoin to generate the $7 fee for you, you will only receive a $4 AdPack and associated benefits in order to offset our additional administration costs. Only one Pay It Forward PeopleCoin will be issued.

PeopleCoins have a lifetime shelf value and are issued to individuals as part of our quest to level the playing field when up against BIG Money and BIG Business. As a registered member you can help others do the same should you wish to do so with our Pay It Forward (PIF) Program. Registered members can transfer single PeopleCoins from their own holdings to anybody on the planet, provided they don’t already have one, so they can start their own journey. As the instigator of this transaction you will be registered as their introducer and receive the appropriate remuneration according to your affiliate status. (10, 20 or 25%) on every AdPack purchase they make depending on your affiliate status.

A paid Private Membership not only allows you to transfer single PeopleCoins from your own holding, they come with additional PIF PeopleCoins which you can give away.

Affiliates who promote this page can also benefit from every PeopleCoin that we give away to subscribers as they will be listed as the introducer. Some people will upgrade to being a Private Member immediately, some will be upgraded from PeopleCoin payments and some will take the yearly option to receive the maximum benefits available. It doesn’t matter which option is choosen as each of them come with an AdPack and as introducer you will receive the affiliate commission as per your own status.

Because of the nature of PeopleCoins it takes time to accumulate funds to purchase the neccessary assets to operate offline businesses and even longer to see profits that are sufficient amounts to distribute. In order to offset this delay we do have some online PeopleCoin Enterprizes which generate profits a lot quicker and pay upto 25% of net income to suscribers inline with their subscriber status.

PeopleCoin Enterprizes split income received from these sources, after subscribers have been paid, a 50/50 split is made between the PeopleCoin Asset Purchase Pot and PeopleCoin Holders.

We also regularly trade various markets worldwide in order to further enhance PeopleCoin Holder payments with a 50/50 between the PeopleCoin Asset Purchase Pot and PeopleCoin Holders as well.